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For kids, youth, parents, teachers, employers and health care professionals
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In our position paper, Dear Everybody, It’s time to end stigma for young Canadians with disabilities, learn more about stigma – what it is, why we do it, how it impacts people with disabilities, and how to stop it. Download position paper

Open letter from kids and youth with disabilities

Every line of our letter helps people understand our lives, puts a little information into our world and takes a little stigma out of it.
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Tips and tools

resources about disability for kids

For kids who are allies:

Resources about disability for kids
Ableist and people first language

For adults who are allies:

How to avoid ableist language
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For Kids:

A 14-page colouring book for kids
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Video and sound

Hear from kids and youth on how they want to be seen.
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Printable posters

Print and post in classrooms and workplaces

Holland Bloorview resources

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