Dominic + Jen – Proud Mom

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Dominic + Jen – This is what a proud mom looks like.

Jen holding her son Dominic

Take a scroll through Jen’s social media and you’ll see a mom beaming with pride. She couldn’t be prouder of her 13-month-old son, Dominic. Now, she could be proud simply on the basis that Dominic is so cuddly, happy and chatty, but there’s so much more behind her smiles. Jen is proud because her son, and in fact her entire family, are the picture of resilience. Behind the smiles of both mother and son are remarkable resiliency and strength.

You’re seeing a mom continually amazed at her son’s ability to stay positive and happy while facing a very scary and life-altering experience. Jen is the first to tell you that through his journey of recovering from a stroke, it’s Dominic who has taught his parents about what is truly important in life. The simplest of moments – playing, bath time, having meals together, and swinging on a swing in the park are now cherished and appreciated like never before. This is what a proud mom looks like.