Read stories from our clients, parents, volunteers and staff on how we’re creating a world of possibility for kids with disability.

This is Casey

A graduate from Humber College’s Television and Broadcasting program, 23-year-old MacKay is now pursuing a career in sports broadcasting with the CBC.

Signed, Mann Casting

Mann Casting has been around for 11 years and for this progressive agency, diverse casting is top of mind. That and accessibility.

Keora Goora

Signed, Vapor Music

While she has almost two decades worth of industry experience, when you ask Karen Goora, the Creative Director at Vapor Music, how often she sees actors with disabilities at casting sessions, she replies with “Hardly ever, actually never.”

Signed, Forsman & Bodenfors

For this year’s Dear Everybody campaign, Matt Hassell, the Chief Creative Officer at Forsman & Bodenfors, made sure to root the narrative in two things: starting a conversation and actually seeing results.


This is Tai

From the moment 15-year-old Tai sang along to Alicia Keys in the car as a child, he knew he wanted to perform. And he’s on his way to doing just that, professionally.

This is Wesley

Alternating between Machiavellian characters on stage and Kyle on Netflix’s Ponysitters Club has been nothing short of fun and satisfying.

A Family Like Mine

A Family Like Mine is a video series about diverse families raising children with disabilities, produced by BLOOM.