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Zach – This is what an inventor looks like.

Zach sitting on a bridge

Nine-year-old Zach is outspoken, creative, and fearless. (Proof of that can be seen when he dives off the high diving board at his local pool.) He’ll tell you with great confidence that he has several inventions already in the works. Zach, who has cerebral palsy, looks forward to the day when he’ll be able to make his imaginings real and work from an office that’s filled with sketches, designs, prototypes and models.

The first major invention will be his flying car. He’s already made detailed drawings of an automobile with a helicopter blade on the roof for easy take-offs from the ground. It will run on clean energy, either through a battery or solar power. Next will be a “miniaturizer” – a machine that makes anything very, very small. But that’s later, because before he can design that, he believes he needs to know a few things – like how many molecules are in a wolf or a human being. He’s working on that. This is what an inventor looks like.