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In the Media

Read the latest media coverage about the Holland Bloorview community and the #DearEverybody campaign.

Strategy speaks to Holland Bloorview about the forgotten “ism” in its latest campaign

The fifth year of the Dear Everybody campaign is urging Canadians to talk about “ableism” by amplifying the voices of six kids and youth who share their hurtful experiences with ableism. Ashleigh Saith, vice president of strategy and public engagement at the Holland Bloorview Foundation, noted wanting to leverage this “moment in time where people are more aware about what’s going on in terms of social inequities”.

Toronto Life profiles Jay about ableism and dating

Jay, who uses they/them pronouns and identifies as queer and polyamorous, explains the challenges around dating due to the stigma surrounding disability. They said, “There is an assumption out there that all disabled people are asexual – that we don’t date, we don’t love, we don’t have kids”.

CTV Toronto interviews Christopher about ableism and play

Christopher has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and loves basketball, but still experiences instances where he’s left out due to his disability. He says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge my skills before you’ve seen them because sometimes they could be great”.

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