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Because disability belongs in the classroom.


When Rehan grows up, he wants to be an orthopedic doctor. And at six years old, he knows that he has lots of school ahead of him—but thankfully, he loves to learn. 

“I was at the Bloorview School [Authority], but I graduated recently and now I’m in Grade 2.” Rehan says. 

Rehan came to Holland Bloorview after being diagnosed with cerebral palsy. While he no longer attends the on-site school, he visits often for physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions, and recently, sailing through the Access Boom program. 

“I went sailing and it was very fun,” says Rehan. “We were on Lake Ontario and I got to see the CN Tower.” 

Besides his newfound love of sailing, Rehan enjoys other sports, as well.

“I like biking, soccer, all those sports, but I just do them a little bit differently,” says Rehan. 

Before he starts Grade 2 at a community school this September, Rehan and his mom, Arpita, have been having lots of conversations about how he’ll talk about his disability with his new friends. 

“Since he’s now going outside Holland Bloorview, we are teaching him how to interact with other children,” says Arpita.

And the mother-son duo both believe that seeing more of kids with disabilities on TV or in movies would make these conversations much easier. 

“With Dear Everybody, we hope that people will be more understanding about how to approach kids with disabilities,” says Arpita. 

And even though he will miss the Bloorview School Authority, Rehan is looking forward to making new friends, and he hopes that they like playing soccer just as much as he.